Dennis Lewis host Southern Woods N Water TV Testimonial

Big Game Butter has worked for me in Georgia and Kentucky. I was amazed to see big and small bucks come to it. The deer can't seem to get enough of it, they love the taste and smell.

- Dennis Lewis, host Southern Woods N Water TV
Corey New of Combat in the Wild

I can personally say that Hog Cheese WILL bring hogs in and keep them there! We have already taken several hogs over Hog Cheese, if there are hogs in the area, the WILL come check it out!

- Corey New, Combat in the Wild, about Hog Cheese
Don Shiver Testimonial

I've been using Big Game Butter for years and it's the best product out there.

- Don Shiver
Jamie Lindsey Testimonial

I've been in the hunting world for a long time and have used many products, and there are only a few that I use that work like the manufacturer says they do. I am happy to use this product.

- Jamie Lindsey